IBC 2023



IBC in Amsterdam RAI, 2023, September 15th to 18th.

We will not be there this year.

We are looking forward to talking to you via phone or the Internet.


IBC 2022



IBC is back: Amsterdam RAI, 2022, September 9th to 12th.

Due to the experiences in the last years we will not be there this year.

We are looking forward to talking to you via phone or the Internet.


Digital Production: Advanced Pixel Pushing


Digital Production 2004

Bela Beier, chief editor of German magazine Digital Production, talks with TIXEL co-founder Ralf Einhorn about "Advanced Pixel Pushing".

"Pixel-Pushing für Fortgeschrittene" (from Digital Production 04:2020, PDF, German)

IBC 2020


Cancelled because of Covid-19.

We are looking forward to talking to you via phone or the Internet. Please contact us.

NAB 2020


Cancelled because of Covid-19.


TIXstream MFT Manages File Transfers between ARRI Media Facilities

ARRI Media, the postproduction branch company of the globally operating ARRI group, now uses TIXEL's transfer system at three facilities in Berlin and Munich for efficient file exchange in multiple production workflows. Terabyte large directories with high-resolution image sequences and video files of 100 GB and more need to be transferred between ARRIMedia locations on a daily basis.

With TIXEL's software solution, we now have a transport layer for our high-volume file transfers that can be quickly integrated into our system landscape and workflows.

Martin Markert, IT Team Lead at ARRI Media

Press Release


New ARTE Media Contribution Platform with TIXEL File Transfer

ARTE GEIE has implemented a new version of their web platform “Partner” for contribution of co-productions and acquisitions. The platform for managing order information and exchanging media data integrates TIXEL's file transfer software TIXstream FX for convenient, secure and fast file exchange with ARTE's users.

Because of the universal concept and the easy to use REST API of TIXstream FX we were able to integrate TIXEL's acceleration components in our new platform in a very elegant and efficient way. Our users are excited and now benefit from significant shorter transfer times and convenient up- and downloads – also on poor internet connections.

Laurent Haag, IT-, broadcast- and infrastructure services, ARTE, Strasbourg

Press Release

IBC 2019



Visit TIXEL at IBC, Amsterdam RAI, 2019, September 13th to 18th, booth 7.D15.

You find us at the well known booth location in hall 7.




NAB 2019

Heading to NAB 2019? Meet us at NAB, Las Vegas, April 8 to 11

FKT: ARD Media File Transfer MFT 2.0


FKT Journal

The broadcasters of ARD, First German Television, have implemented a new system for file exchange: Media File Transfer (MFT) 2.0. Continuously growing transfer volume as well as integration of various media types for radio, television and online requires a common, universal platform for file exchange. Seamless integration with various systems as well as media exchange based on a common metadata schema lead to some specific requirements regarding system design.

Technical Paper (in German): ARD Medien-File-Transfer MFT 2.0 (Teil 1), 1-2/2019.


IBC 2018



Visit TIXEL at IBC 2018, Amsterdam RAI, September 14. to 18., booth 7.D15.

New booth number – same place: IBC 2018 gets a new floor plan. However, you will find us at the well known booth location in hall 7.

South Korean IT specialist PetaData and German data transfer expert TIXEL collaborate to target South Korean market



PetaData Corporation and TIXEL GmbH announced their partnership. PetaData specializes in supplying and servicing hardware and software solutions for the media and IT industry.More... (Press Release)

KOBA 2018


Our partner PetaData presents TIXstream MFT and TIXway at KOBA 2018, May 15.–18., Booth C150

NAB 2018


Meet us at NAB in Las Vegas, April 07 to 12.

Taking the Fast Path to the Olympic Winter Games with TIXstream File Transfer


For German public TV coverage of the Olympic Winter Games 2018, editors in Pyeongchang require fast access to the video archive system. Public broadcaster MDR uses TIXstream FX for this purpose (press release).


ARD Broadcasters Harmonize and Accelerate File Transfer with TIXEL


Germany’s largest public broadcast organization ARD, including their regional broadcasting stations, as well as the international branch DW (Deutsche Welle) implemented their new file exchange system “MFT 2.0” using TIXEL’s high-speed file transfer solutions. Read more...

IBC 2017



Meet TIXEL at the IBC, Amsterdam RAI, September 15. to 19., booth 7.B01.

CeBIT 2017


Meet us in Hannover at the CeBIT or at TIXEL's HQ – March 20. to 24.


IBC 2016



Meet TIXEL at the IBC, Amsterdam RAI, September 09. to 13., booth 7.B01.

NAB 2016


Meet us at NAB, LV April 18-21.

CeBIT 2016


Meet us in Hannover at the CeBIT or at TIXEL's HQ – March 14. to 18.


IBC 2015


Meet TIXEL at the IBC, Amsterdam RAI, September 11. to 15., booth 7.B01.

On Monday 14th Sep. 15:30 Joerg Houpert (Cube-Tec) and Andreas Aust (TIXEL) will talk about workflow acceleration at the FIMS/EBU booth 10.F20


NAB 2015


Supporting the FIMS standardization activities also at NAB 2015, TIXEL is giving a joined presentation with Cube-Tec: A globally accessible FIMS-based Media QC & Repair Service at the FIMS/AMWA/EBU booth N9225. Meet us at Monday, April 13, 1:30pm and Tuesday, April 14, 2:30pm. FIMS@NAB 2015

TIXEL High-Speed DPX Transfer with PIXSPAN Lossless Compression


TIXEL and PIXSPAN have developed a new software that combines the most efficient lossless image compression with the most efficient WAN file transfer technology. The upcoming release of TIXstream file transfer software will be available with integrated support for lossless image compression for DPX, CINEON, OpenEXR, TIFF, ARRIRAW, Canon Raw, DICOM, and GeoTIFF (press release).


IVZ Chooses TIXEL for Large Scale Distributed Media Archive


“TIXway software seamlessly integrates at the transfer endpoints and transparently boosts transfer speed in the WAN to the level we experience in our LAN.” (M. Blandfort, IVZ)

IVZ as IT service provider for German public broadcaster ARD operates a central large scale media archive with facilities in Berlin and Leipzig. They need to handle more than 4 petabytes content every year. Transfers to and from the individual studios and for data exchange between the two redundant distributed archive systems require high speed data transfer. (press release)

TIXEL @ CCW 2014


Meet with TIXEL at CCW 2014. On November 12th and 13th, 2014 this years CCW SATCON will open its doors at Javits Convention Center in New York City.

Stop by TIXEL's booth 641 to learn more about our new products TIXstream Express and TIXway Universal.

Online Service for Correction of Media Files with Fast Data Transfer


TIXstream Express accelerates the MXF Legalizer Online Service by Cube-Tec. (press release)

Central Media Archives with High-Speed File-Transfer


FKT Journal

The IVZ as a service provider for German public broadcaster ARD is currently connecting studios to a central distributed archive located in Berlin and Leipzig. This requires implementation of high-speed remote access to archive content for the individual studios as well as efficient data exchange inside the redundant distributed archive system.

Technical Paper (in German): Zentrale Medienarchive mit Highspeed-Filetransfer in German's FKT Journal 09/2014.

IBC 2014



TIXEL's most recent novelties at the IBC: Amsterdam RAI, September 12. to 16., booth 8.A97.

Please also reserve some time for our FIMSs presentations on workflow acceleration:

  • Monday 15th Sep. 13:00 Andreas Aust (TIXEL), Joerg Houpert (Cube-Tec), "FIMS Implementations: Update"
  • Monday 15th Sep. 14:30 Andreas Aust (TIXEL), "TIXEL & FIMS"

TV Coverage accelerated by TIXEL's Cloud Service


Sending TV contributions from Brazil to Europe via FTP suffer from poor speed. Instantly set up, TIXway-as-a-Service accelerates these file transfers (case study).

NAB 2014 – FIMS


As in the past we actively support and sponsor the FIMS standardization activities at NAB 2014. TIXEL’s CTO Andreas Aust is giving a joined presentation with Joerg Houpert from Cube-Tec: A Global Accessible FIMS-based Media QC and Repair Service. Monday, April 7, 4:30pm and Wednesday, April 9, 3:30pm at the FIMS/AMWA/EBU booth N1231.

Moving geographical data 12x faster with TIXway


Indian geo data specialist Paradigm exchanges files with customers all around the world – now 12x faster by using FTP via TIXway (technical report).

CeBIT 2014


If you are attending this year’s CeBIT in Hannover/Germany (March 10th to 14th) we are looking forward to seeing you. Please contact us for an appointment!

CeBIT Global Conferences 2014


Speed is ours: 400 seconds about Data transfer acceleration as the key enabler for cloud and big data at CGC by TIXEL's CEO, Ralf Einhorn (March 14th, 12:30, Hannover, CeBIT Global Conferences, Hall 8). Get your discounted conference pass here.

Transparent File Transfer Acceleration in Broadcast


FKT Journal

Technical Paper (in German): Transparent beschleunigter Datentransfer, FKT Journal, Fachzeitschrift für Fernsehen, Film und Elektronische Medien, 03/2014, 04/2014: Part 1, Part 2.


Satellite File Transfer 5x faster


“The transfer of a 360 Megabyte file took me only 25 minutes in total” Anton Schreiner, technical director of the SWR studio in Tuebingen, says. “Now we can achieve transfer rates close to our theoretical maximum speed of 2.3 Megabits/s. Until now we were only able to reach 400 kilobits/s at max.”

German broadcaster Suedwestrundfunk (SWR) accelerates file transfer via satellite by a factor of 5 by using TIXway – getting maximum link speed. (Press Release)


TIXEL @ CCW 2013


TIXEL's most recent solutions at this year’s Content & Communications World (CCW), November 13 and 14 at the Jacobs Javits Center in NYC. At booth #761 with our new sales partner Incite Media Solutions (IMS).

Technical Paper


SMPTE Motion Imaging JournalMore about Transparent Acceleration of Time-Critial-File-Based Contribution. Please find the technical paper in the November/December issue of SMPTE's Motion Imaging Journal.


TIXEL @ IBC 2013


Learn more about TIXEL's most recent solutions at the IBC in Amsterdam, 13. to 17. September, booth 6.A05.

TIXway on demand


If your FTP transfers with partners overseas runs slower than you expect – try TIXway-on-Demand. No extra software. No mess up of your processes and work flows. No investment. No risk. Just fast transfers.

NAB 2013


Last six months have been an extremely productive period at TIXEL and we extended our product-line for transfer acceleration by a variety of exciting features (NAB in Las Vegas, April 06 – 11).

TIXEL @ CeBIT 2013


Once again TIXEL has got some amazing news regarding fast data transport, e.g. TIXway Express now also running on Windows. CeBIT in Hannover (05 to 09 March).

CeBIT Global Conferences 2013


TIXEL’s CEO Ralf Einhorn is going to present Moving big data around the globe (CGC, Open Stage, Wednesday, 06 March, 12:00 noon).


TIXway Test – IRT Project Report


Once again TIXway’s FTP acceleration performance and unrivaled ease of integration has been proven - this time by the German IRT (Institut für Rundfunktechnik) - the independent institution and trustworthy intermediary for content providers, network operators and manufacturers. (Press Release)

TIXEL @ IBC 2012


TIXEL at IBC 2012: hall 7, booth 7.K41

IBC 2012 Conference


TIXEL's CEO presents Transparent Speed-Up Of Time Critical File-Based Contribution; Monday, September 10th, 11:30 – 13:00. For details please visit:

FIMS @ IBC 2012


Also at this year's IBC TIXEL is sponsoring the EBU/AMWA initiative FIMS (Framework for Interoperable Media Services) and taking part at the presentation sessions. European Broadcasting Union (EBU): hall 10, booth 10.F20

Big Data in High-Speed Networks


TIXpipe allows direct multi-Gigabit transfer of data in real-time without caching even on long haul links. This leads to significant time savings when implementing distributed big data applications. (Press Release)

TIXstream 3.0 released


New features: Up to 20 GBit/s duplex end-to-end performance • New efficient full speed AES encyrption • Additional service based authentification and encryption • Enhanced web service interface; additional query and control functions • Simplified Live-OS deployment for evaluation and installation. Learn more...

TIXway 2.0.0 released


New features: New strong full-speed AES encryption on the WAN link • Enterprise edition with up to 2.5 GBit/s • New easy to use web based configuration • New simplified deployment with Live-OS for evaluation and installation. Learn more...

New product: TIXpipe


A quick path through the WAN for any application producing data on standard out.

Simply transfer of generic data streams to remote locations • Transparent standard I/O redirection over WAN with up to 2.5 GBit/s • Highly versatile UNIX-style pipe usage. Learn more...

Native RWTP integration


New native integration options for TIXEL's RWTP protocol are available

Object oriented C++ SDK • BSD socket like C-API • Google Go bindings. Learn more...

TIXway 1.2.0 released


TIXway 1.2 comes with an intuitive web based user interface for configuration and license management.

TIXstream 2.9.2 available


The most recent release of TIXstream with many new convenience features is available now. TIXstream 2.9.2 comes with improved usability for the tixcp command line copy tool.

FIMS standardizaton


TIXEL actively takes part in the FIMS initiative of EBU and AMWA. The framework will provide a flexible approach to service oriented content production.

New product: TIXway


Simply put a little box in your network and boost your FTP transfer rates on the wide area link – without the need to modify your tool chain. TIXEL released new attractive entry level solutions. Read more...