Transfer Acceleration

Maximum speed for data transfer at any distance — and more.

Application Use Cases

Data intensive global workflows require fast long haul data transmissions. Fast file transfer is the key enabler for big data, distributed workflows and cloud services – on the internet as well as in private networks.

Standard transfer tools however deliver poor performance on today's multi-gigabit networks. This leads to the fact that companies are still shipping hard disks instead of using existing high speed computer networks.

TIXEL's solutions help you to overcome this inefficient use of resources.

Typical areas of applications are where massive amounts of data are moved between distributed locations e. g. in media industry and science.

Whenever you get the impression that your data exchange runs slower than you would expect from your network link – talk to us. Especially for long distance transfers and high capacity links ("long fat pipes") our solutions may raise date rate significantly. In these cases optimizing the transfer system is much more efficient than extending link rates – regarding expenses and performance.

TIXEL's acceleration technology is based on optimizing the transfer chain: from network protocols to storage access. We do not apply caching, since many files just pass the network only once. Moreover, we do not apply compression; which is useless on high-efficient codecs of current file formats.



Save time by speeding up data-intensive workflows

Today's workflows requiring more and more data to be moved around various locations, cloud services and B2B partners.

Don't let data transfer become the bottleneck for your business.

Gain flexibility for your business – avoid idle times

Fast data transfer can make you virtually forget about transfer times.

Operate your distributed applications like they were local.

Reduce expenses through efficient use of resources

Do not waste money on more cost-intensive link capacity than you need. Many current network applications just make use of a fraction.

With TIXEL you can get the maximum of your network connections.