High-Performance WAN File Transfer: TIXstream is the ultimate accelerator and enabler for global data intensive applications.

Maximum file transfer performance requires optimization of the entire processing chain – from source storage, network packet handling up to the destination storage system
TIXstream® software provides maximum transfer speed for file exchange over any distance.

TIXstream provides highest speed grades for reliable data transmission in Wide Area Networks (WANs). TIXEL's WAN-optimized transfer protocol guarantees 100% error-free data transfers at fastest speeds on standard internet protocol (IP) networks — even in case of packet loss, jitter, and high latencies.

TIXstream is the core transfer engine of TIXstream MFT.


Get transfers with maximum performance Having the entire transmission chain from file reading to remote file writing under control provides best possible transfer rates.
Seamless workflow integrationBy providing flexible ways of integration, most efficient WAN file transfer can perfectly be a part of your processes and workflows.
Maximize use of your network linksLong haul high speed links are significant expense factors. Fully exploit their capacity for bulk data transfer.
TIXstream vs. FTP

Transferring 100 Gigabytes from Los Angeles to London on a 10 Gigabit link may take 47.2 hours using typical tools based on the file transfer protocol (FTP) – or 1.5 minutes using TIXstream.

Moreover strong AES encryption is available without degradation of transfer speed.

The TIXstream high performance software framework optimizes the entire end-to-end transfer chain including file system and network access as well as CPU intensive processing. For highest flexibility there are multiple ways of seamless integration of TIXstream in various kinds of environments.

TIXstream is the ultimate accelerator and enabler for global data intensive applications in IP Wide Area Networks (WANs). TIXstream software provides end-to-end file transfer and is ready to replace legacy tools like FTP, SCP etc.


TIXstream scheme

Like FTP client and server, TIXstream works on file layer – files are directly read and write a the communication end points. Thus TIXstream needs access to the file system as well as to the computer network.

TIXstream supports all sorts of file systems via Storage Area Network (SAN), Direct Attached Storage (DAS) and Network Attached Storage (NAS). Any regular IP network can be used, like private links, VPNs, satellite links or the internet.

TIXstream Features

  • Multi-Gigabit/s-File Transfer in WANs
  • Content-agnostic transfer speed
  • Segment based checkpoint management
  • Rapid local copy for heterogeneous storage environments
  • Broad file system support e.g. SAN: Stor­Next®, CXFS™; DAS: XFS, ext3, ext4; NAS: NFS, CIFS, OneFS®
  • OneFS® multi-path NFS acceleration
  • Platform independent web-based user interface for management and administration
  • Web Service and command line interface (CLI)
  • Integrated diagnostic tool set to optimize transfer chain

TIXstream Options

  • Drag-and-drop watch folder
  • Full speed on-the-fly AES-256 encryption; support for standard strong AES encryption in real-time
  • Real-time transfer of growing files
  • Clustered solution for transfer speeds beyond 10 G
  • Additional service based authentication
  • For specific requirements – like high performance local file system operation, application specific transfers or speeds beyond 10G – TIXEL provides custom taylored solutions. Please contact us.

Transfer rate may be limited when round trip time (RTTmax) exceeds 200ms and network packet loss rate exceeds 0.1%. Sum of transfer rates of parallel transfers may not exceed total transfer rate. Transfer rate is agnostic to content of transmitted data, file formats, etc.

All information is subject to change without notice.