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TIXstream FX Demo

TIXstream FX Demo

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Too many Projects? Tight schedules? Cost pressure? When it matters, our solutions let your users and IT staff focus on the essentials.

With TIXEL your are always ahead: with future-proof state-of-the-art technology our products have been proving their robustness for years. Used by small and large organizations around the globe in heavy-duty 24/7 operation.


We provide clever solutions for secure and fast transfer even of massive amounts of data: ranging from turn-key file exchange services for transfers with customers and partners or in-house to individual customized systems.

Be on the safe side. Accelerate and secure your data exchange processes and get the most of your valuable resources.

Software for professionals. Made by professionals.


Our software makes your life in IT easier: simple deployment, clear UIs, robust operation, clean logs, happy users. We think you should enjoy operating professional software.


TIXstream MFT: Corporate Managed File Transfer: efficient, max speed, robust, secure. Built for carefree 24/7 operation in professional environments.

TIXstream FX: File exchange for everybody: simple mailbox style use: flexible and fast in each notion. And if you like, fully integrated into your workflow.


Transfer Acceleration: Simply fast. Software for transparent WAN acceleration of many TCP-based applications.


TIXstream MFT Manages File Transfers between ARRI Media Facilities


ARRI Media, the postproduction branch company of the globally operating ARRI group, now uses TIXEL's transfer system at three facilities in Berlin and Munich for efficient file exchange in multiple production workflows. Terabyte large directories with high-resolution image sequences and video files of 100 GB and more need to be transferred between ARRIMedia locations on a daily basis.

With TIXEL's software solution, we now have a transport layer for our high-volume file transfers that can be quickly integrated into our system landscape and workflows.

Martin Markert, IT Team Lead at ARRI Media

Press Release

New ARTE Media Contribution Platform with TIXEL File Transfer


ARTE GEIE has implemented a new version of their web platform “Partner” for contribution of co-productions and acquisitions. The platform for managing order information and exchanging media data integrates TIXEL's file transfer software TIXstream FX for convenient, secure and fast file exchange with ARTE's users.

Because of the universal concept and the easy to use REST API of TIXstream FX we were able to integrate TIXEL's acceleration components in our new platform in a very elegant and efficient way. Our users are excited and now benefit from significant shorter transfer times and convenient up- and downloads – also on poor internet connections.

Laurent Haag, IT-, broadcast- and infrastructure services, ARTE, Strasbourg

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