TIXstream MFT

TIXstream MFT is the ultimate solution for professional corporate file transfer. Robust secure file transfer at maximum speed. A web UI and clean APIs allow stand-alone operation and flexible workflow integration even in heterogeneous multi-vendor environments.


TIXstream MFT overview

TIXstream MFT is our solution for high-end, high-speed file transfer in distributed data intensive workflows. Small and large movie production companies and broadcasters select TIXstream MFT to simplify and accelerate file exchange in multi-vendor system environments.

TIXstream MFT combines fast and secure file transfer with seamless workflow integration for efficient corporate asset exchange. This includes meta data handling, status notifications and monitoring as well as TIXstream’s firewall friendly transport protocol option.

User Interface

TIXstream MFT Control Center

TIXEL Control Center is TIXstream MFT's web front-end and provides an intuitive UI for system configuration and to control and monitor transfers.

The multi-language web-UI offers functionalities for administrators and users with different access rights.

TIXstream MFT Features

  • Maximum file transfer performance independent of content, filesize and distance
  • Process driven internal and external asset exchange
  • Decentralized job and queue management at both end points
  • Perfectly fits into heterogeneous multi-vendor environments
  • Enterprise features: checksums, watch folders, auto-resume, central management and more
  • Secure single- and multi-destination file transfers
  • Optional on-the-fly lossless raw image compression

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