TIXway Universal

TIXway Universal transparently accelerates TCP applications for WAN application

TIXway Universal transparently accelerates sftp, scp, rsync, TSM, CIFS, NFS and various other TCP-based applications. Thus applications designed for use in local networks, like remote backup and recovery, archiving and synchronization can be distributed in wide-area networks.

This allows direct file access to central remote storages – without time consuming and resource intensive extra copies. Moreover, remote archives and backups can be realized easily.

TIXway Univeral is used by IVZ as IT service provider for German public broadcaster ARD. IVZ operates a central large scale media archive with facilities in Berlin and Leipzig. (press release).

More details (in German): Zentrale Medienarchive mit Highspeed-Filetransfer, FKT, Fachzeitschrift für Fernsehen, Film und Elektronische Medien, 09/2014.