TIXstream MFT/FX

Coupling TIXstream MFT and TIXstream FX creates the optimum package for internal and external file exchange.


In many situations file exchange with external staff, business partners, etc. needs to be efficiently integrated in internal processes – without compromising security. For this use case, the optimum solution is to interconnected TIXstream MFT for internal transfers and TIXstream FX for external transfers.

TIXstream MFT schema TIXstream FX schema

Both systems may be used independently without any restrictions. But now transfer jobs may be relayed from MFT to FX as well as from FX to MFT. Therefore, an FX system is added as another storage share in MFT. Thus an MFT job can be turned into an FX download. The other way round, files from an FX upload can be send to any predefined MFT destination (optionally, after a security check).

TIXstream MFT/FX overview

Since the MFT system processes the relay jobs, FX can be operated in the DMZ. Thanks to MFT's flexible storage access options, there is no need for additional file copies at the relay node. Files are placed directly on the FX storage.

TIXstream MFT/FX Features

  • Unrestricted TIXstream MFT and TIXstream FX functionality
  • Secure file relay in both directions
  • No extra copy at relay
  • File check hook interface for individual security pre-relay scans
  • Transparent meta data handling at MFT and FX
  • Identical meta data editor plug-in API at MFT and FX
  • MFT target shares can be configured in FX
  • FX can be operated in isolated DMZ