TIXway-on-Demand FAQ

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This FAQ summarizes a collection of typical questions regarding TIXway-as-a-Service.

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Common Issues

Why is FTP so slow on long haul connections?

FTP is based on TCP – both 30 years old and going back to the early days of the internet. Despite of several enhancements TCP does not perform very well on long haul connections (high latency), especially when packets get lost e.g. due to heavy loaded interconnection points.

What about using a dedicated link?

This may solve a part of the problem. While packet loss might be minimized and capacity becomes at least deterministic one can not circumvent physics. Thus high latency remains as one main issue. Nevertheless you can easily deploy an optimized WAN transfer solution like TIXway to fully exploit the capability of the dedicated link.

TIXway-on-Demand – General Topics

How is TIXway-on-Demand working (common)?

FTP works well in local environments while transfer performance degrades on wide area links. TIXway-on-Demand terminates FTP at both ends (FTP client and FTP server side) while running an optimized transfer protocol on the critical wide area link.

Who needs TIXway-on-Demand?

Everyone transferring files via FTP to remote locations at data rates beyond the nominal connection rate of the local internet link(s).

What does a user need to use TIXway-on-Demand?

Nothing. The same transfer tools are used as for FTP. The FTP client is just directed to the given client side gateway node instead of the actual target FTP server. The required address/name of this client side gateway will be provided by TIXway-on-Demand.

How much acceleration do I get?

It depends. The endpoint's network connection may become the bottleneck. An acceleration factor of 5 to 15 can usually be achieved. In some cases, even a factor of 50 was monitored.

Does TIXway-on-Demand store my data?

No. Data is just passed through to the other side in the moment it arrives.

Does TIXway-on-Demand store my credentials (login information)?

No. They are just passed to the actual FTP server.

Can I use TIXway-on-Demand in my private network?

You may deploy TIXway in your private environment proving the same acceleration technique as TIXway-on-Demand.

Is TIXway-on-Demand secure?

Just as save as FTP is. TIXway-on-Demand just accelerates data transfer, there is no additional processing or the like applied.

Technical Stuff

How is TIXway-on-Demand working (technical)?

The FTP data transfer channel usually running on TCP is mapped to an optimized WAN transfer protocol. The FTP client is directed to the given client side gateway node instead of the actual target FTP server. Via this gateway and the respective gateway on the FTP server side the original FTP server is connected. The entire communication then takes place transparently among FTP client and server.

How does acceleration work?

An optimized wide area transport protocol is used for the long haul link.

Do you apply compression?

No. That means that compressed files are transferred with the same high data rate as uncompressed files.

Does data rate depend on file content?

No. See “compression”.