Network Protocols

Wide Area Networks (WANs) based on the Internet Protocol (IP) suffer from latency, jitter and packet drops – characteristics that disqualify legacy protocols for reliable transmission at high data rates.

Using unreliable UDP (User Datagram Protocol) leads to lost packets and data corruption while traditional TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) based file transfers (like FTP, File Transfer Protocol) fail to exploit high bandwidth links and deliver poor data rates.

TIXEL's WAN transfer protocols overcome these weaknesses and delivers peerless performance. Built on top of UDP or TCP and along with TIXEL's rock solid software framework they are the foundation for scalable transfer products in IP networks with link rates ranging from few Megabits/s up to rates beyond 10 Gigabits/s.

Transfer Characteristics - conventional versus TIXstream

The chart shows typical data rate characteristics of a file transfer. TIXstream achieves much higher and smoother link utilization without peaks and bursts.

Standard data transfer tools fail miserably especially on long distance multi-Gigabit networks. Thus many companies still ship hard disks instead of using high speed networks. Hence highly qualified personnel are doomed to wait and expensive equipment is under-utilized. TIXEL's technology is the key enabler for most efficient inter-facility bulk data exchange.


TIXstream vs. FTP

On a typical WAN link with a round trip time (RTT) of 100 ms and 0.1 % packet loss FTP may deliver 5 Megabits/s or less – even on a 1 or 10 G link.

TIXway boosts this to 2500 Megabits/s. TIXstream entirely fills the 10 G link.

Thus waiting for 100 Gigabytes to be transferred may take two days, 6 minutes — or less that 1.5 minutes.


The patent-pending technology enables new dimensions for inter-facility collaboration through optimizing the use of expensive resources whereas traditional transport solutions fail on exploiting high bandwidth connections.

TIXEL thoroughly exploits current and upcoming WAN connections by enabling extreme high data rate transfers. While conventional techniques provide transfer speeds of several Megabytes/second or less, TIXEL's solution exploits the same infrastructure up to the nominal link data rate.

TIXEL provides ultimate solutions for enabling and accelerating world-wide distributed production workflows saving resources, time, and money.

High Throughput

TIXEL provides reliable high speed WAN data transfers for a wide variety of applications – for all kind of data.


TIXEL's software framework enables additional features like strong on-the-fly AES encryption at full transfer speed, streaming capability and much more.


The product lines TIXstream and TIXway provide optimum solutions for your specific requirements regarding performance, usability and integration.