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White Paper

High Performance File Transfer

Managing continuously growing amounts of digital assets has become a challenge across all industries. Efficient network file transfer especially on long distance connections, strict security requirements and interconnection of heterogeneous IT ecosystems are important aspects for CIOs, system architects and administrators when choosing, integrating and operating file transfer software.

This paper describes how TIXstream MFT, TIXEL’s managed file transfer solution, helps to cope with these challenges in various workflow scenarios – both, as stand-alone turnkey solution or seamlessly integrated into established workflow and processing environments.

White Paper

Exchanging big bulk data with cloud services

Nowadays cloud services of different nature, offer a wide range of applications and infrastructure components that allow a cost efficient on-demand use of resources. However rapidly growing amounts of data need to be managed, transferred and exchanged between users and cloud services as well as within globally distributed cloud data centers for archiving, backup, disaster recovery, business intelligence and other purposes.

Due to their nature standard file, data transfer solutions are not able to utilize existing storage and network infrastructure efficiently and cannot keep up with demanding cloud applications, especially on long distance networks. In these scenarios dedicated transfer acceleration solutions maximize overall efficiency – for both cloud service providers and users.

Test Reports

TIXway IRT Lab Evalution – Project Report

Matthias Hammer, Madeleine Keltsch; © 2012 Institut für Rundfunktechnik GmbH

"This evaluation focuses on the performance gain when using TIXway, a semi transparent acceleration solution from TIXEL, in Wide Area Networks (WAN). The tests confirmed that a much better throughput can be achieved when using TIXway on impaired long delay links than with standard FTP transmissions."

White Paper

Complement your WAN optimization controller investment for big data and bulk data transfer

Due to their nature WAN optimization controllers (WOCs) cannot accelerate big data and bulk data transfers typically needed for remote backup, disaster recovery, data migration, demanding business intelligence applications and the like. In order to accelerate also those data intensive transfers dedicated file transfer acceleration (FTA) solutions can be deployed and thereby complement your WAN optimization strategy and leverage the overall investment.

White Paper

Optimizing your managed file transfer strategy with a file transfer acceleration engine

Managed File Transfer (MFT) solutions have become popular due to the increasing importance of effective file transfer for virtually any business process. Though some solutions also provide acceleration mechanisms speeding up typical data exchange, cost intensive network and storage infrastructure is often under-utilized or data transfer times are still unreasonably long. Your idle resources can be easily capitalized and transfer times are reduced by applying complementary file transfer acceleration (FTA) solutions at the hot spots of your IT infrastructure, e. g. at wide area network (WAN) connections.

White Paper

Network protocol challenges for high-performance data transport in wide area networks

Moving large amounts of data over wide area IP networks can reveal significant inefficiencies in corresponding processes when using tools base on legacy network protocols. This significantly reduces productivity, cuts production schedules and revenue goals might not be met – despite the underlying network and system infrastructure has been designed to handle the required data throughput. The RWTP network protocol overcomes these issues scaling from a few Megabit/s up to multiple 10 Gigabit/s – independent of the distance between the involved sites.

White Paper

About TIXEL: Solutions, Technology, Background

Standard data transfer tools fail miserably on today's multi-gigabit networks. Thus many companies are still shipping hard disks instead of using existing high-speed network infrastructure. TIXEL’s ultimate goal is to help their customers to exploit their cost intensive resources for data greedy distributed workflows and business processes.