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Accelerated File Transfer via Satellite

Popular tools for file transfer like FTP are not tailored for use on high latency links like satellite connections. Transfer rates dramatically decrease and only a fraction of the cost-intensive link can be used.

TIXway is a unique semi-transparent FTP acceleration software that fully exploits high latency link capacity providing your well established transfer environment with maximum speed, reliability, and security.

German Broadcaster SWR: "Now we can achieve transfer rates close to our theoretical maximum speed."

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Remote Archives and Synchronization: TIXway accelerates rsync and TSM

TIXEL's high speed data transfer solutions for Wide Area Networks cover scenarios far beyond pure file transfer. Because of its roots in streaming large uncompressed image sequences TIXEL's software transfer engine is also capable to accelerate arbitrary data streams – virtually in real-time.

TIXway Universal is the key enabler for efficient operation of a wide variety of data-intensive TCP-based applications in WANs. TIXway boosts transfer performance especially on links with typical impairments like packet loss, jitter, and high latency. Multiple Gigabits per second can be achieved on standard IP networks.

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FTP Workflow Optimization: Global FTP Acceleration for Paradigm

This use case description shows how TIXEL has improved the entire FTP workflow that is used for data exchange between Paradigm's facility in India and their US and European clients.

TIXEL set up and configured a novel infrastructure based on an in-house FTP server at Paradigm’s facility in India and TIXEL’s FTP acceleration gateways located in Europe and the US.

The current setup reduces the overall round trip transfer time of typical data sets of around 1 Gigabyte from about 6 hours to half an hour.

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Sports Reporting. Accelerated. Faster FTP as-a-Service

When sending files from Brazil back home a Swiss broadcaster experienced poor data rates.

Instantly set up, TIXway-as-a-Service provides 2.5 faster transfers – without any software installation at the cutter's laptop or at the broadcast center's file server.

TV News and Sports contribution is always time-critical. Content has to arrive in the broadcast center as fast as possible. However file transfer may take unnecessarily long – especially when long distance networks are involved.

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High-Speed-Transfer for Data Centers: Transatlantic FTP 28× faster

IaaS providers have data centers around the world – optimal for international companies. Often they are faced with the challenge of moving large amounts of data between sites, whether VM or ISO images or content such as large databases and movies.

Using standard methods, transfers between Europe and the US are only 8 Megabits/sec. Easy to setup and use, TIXway acceleration software pushes this up to 220 Megabits/sec – 28 times faster – on the same infrastructure and regardless of the type of data.

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Online Service for Correction of Media Files with Fast Data Transfer

Cube-Tec International is specialized in quality assurance solutions for large media archives. MXF Legalizer converts video files of different sources into standards compliant MXF files that interoperate perfectly with products from different manufacturers. Various production houses asked for a cloud-based SaaS solution. Therefore MXF Legalizer Online Service has been set up.

TIXstream Express (TXE) is used for accelerated up- and downloads of MXF files. Seamlessly integrated into this service, TXE enables easy, fast and secure transfer of large files over wide area networks.

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TIXEL High-Speed DPX Transfer with PIXSPAN Lossless Compression

TIXEL and Pixspan have developed a new software offering that combines the most efficient lossless image compression with the most efficient WAN file transfer technology. The upcoming release of TIXstream file transfer software will be available with integrated support for lossless image compression.

Sequences of DPX, CINEON, OpenEXR, TIFF, ARRIRAW, Canon Raw, DICOM, and GeoTIFF images are compressed for transfer resulting in 2 to 5 times less network traffic volume and thus up to 2 to 5 times faster transfers. On the receiving system images are uncompressed on-the fly for a 100% identical copy of the original content.

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Central Media Archives with High-Speed File-Transfer

The IVZ as a service provider for German public broadcaster ARD is currently connecting studios to a central distributed archive located in Berlin and Leipzig. This requires implementation of high-speed remote access to archive content for the individual studios as well as efficient data exchange inside the redundant distributed archive system.

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Technical Paper (German): Zentrale Medienarchive mit Highspeed-Filetransfer in German's FKT Journal 09/2014.

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