World of TIXEL


TIXEL offers unique lightweight solutions for high performance data transfer allowing you to easily get the most out of your IP network link – the internet, private links, VPN, LAN, WAN, or via satellite.

TIXEL software is the key enabler for accelerating plain point-to-point transfers, cloud services as well as complex big data, B2B, and enterprise workflows.

Based on TIXEL's rock-solid acceleration engine, TIXstream and TIXway provide unmatched performance, reliability, full-speed encryption, standard interfaces and much more.


TIXEL is a Thomson spin-off founded in 2009 continuing the work on high speed data transfers started in Thomson’s network lab in 2005. Products derived from the developed technology are now available under the TIXstream umbrella. TIXstream significantly accelerates data-greedy distributed workflows. While the media and entertainment industry already benefits from them, TIXstream solutions add value to various general IT applications. TIXstream technology is protected by more than 10 patent families filed in the U.S., Europe, and Asia. It is continuously improved by a highly experienced team. As a research and engineering driven company TIXEL works with a growing network of partners to develop and implement solutions for end users.

german flagMade in Germany – TIXEL is the only European vendor of solutions for WAN transfer in IP networks. The entire TIXstream family development and engineering is done in Hannover.



Graph showing data rates for DPX transmission with TCP and RWTP - 2007

In November 2007 Thomson Technology successfully demonstrated the world’s first 4K uncompressed real-time wide area transmission. The data was read from a SAN, transmitted over 2000 kilometers of a production network plus 8000 kilometres of emulated line with 0.1 % packet loss, and was finally presented with a 4K projector. While UDP unveiled each packet loss through a disrupted line in the displayed image, RWTP guaranteed a reliable transmission of each and every pixel for a 100% error-free presentation.

In December 2007 the technology went into production for connecting facilities in the L.A. area. Even in this medium distance scenario the time for transmitting a lab roll of 5000 DPX frames in 4K was reduced from 104 to 14 minutes.


You find TIXEL in Hannover, Germany in Karl-Wiechert-Allee 74 at the Weidetor roundabout traffic. Leave the B3 (Messeschnellweg) direction Medizinische Hochschule. For further information and route planning please see Google Maps.

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